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One Gadget to Fit Them All

Whether you use Finale®, Sibelius®, Dorico®, Notion®, MuseScore®, Noteflight® or one of over 200 music programs that support MusicXML files, there is only one desktop app that will let you import your music directly into any or all of them…

Music-to-XML takes printed music from PDFs, scanned files or images captured on your mobile device and converts those scores to the XML file format. If you own Finale, Sibelius or Dorico, it's automatic. Music-to-XML is easy, quick and astonishingly accurate.

To test Music-to-XML accuracy, download and install the SmartScore X2 Pro demo. WYSIWYG.


Music-to-XML desktop app uses the same world-class recognition technology as SmartScore X2 - powered by our proprietary Prodigy Engine®.

Priced at only $99, Music-to-XML sits on your Mac or PC desktop ready to convert that song you want to transpose, that tenor part you want to isolate or that symphony you need to deconstruct.


With a couple of clicks, your musical score will automatically open into Finale®, Sibelius® , Dorico® or SmartScore®. Or simply save the MusicXML file to your desktop and it’s ready to open into your favorite music program.


Download and convert practically any PDF music file from the Internet. For scan-quality imaging from your mobile device, try using a scan-quality camera app such as TurboScan® or Genius Scan+. Send captured PDF scores to the cloud or to your computer ready to be processed by Music-to-XML. A short video to the left illustrates an example.

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Music-to-XML is available to download and install now from the Mac App Store or Windows App Store. It may be the most useful gadget you’ll ever own!